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For [ profile] picspammy Challenge 25: Year End List

So last year I maaaaay have seen a couple of movies.

Here are my top picks! I had rather a hard time getting it down this many, believe me. These are not only films that came out last year but also some that I only just got around to seeing. Some are obscure (Banksy documentary!) and some are classics (how I went this long without ever seeing Jaws I know not).

Arranged in roughly the order I saw them. My absolute favorite 13 are indicated as the larger images with brief fangirling notes.

A Single Man: Tom Ford delivers some beautifully lush cinematography with this one. Colin Firth delivers an incredible deep and subtle performance. If we're talking Colin Firth vehicles, I actually loved 'The King's Speech' more but alas, I saw that right after the new year so it doesn't qualify.

Moon: A bizarre and intriguing sci-fi treat from Duncan Jones (Bowie's son!). Sam Rockwell is
such an unrated actor it's criminal.
The Brothers Bloom: So far Rian Johnson is two-for-two in amazing films. Alternatively hilarious, quirky and dramatic, it's a juicy con movie that keeps conning the audience until the very end. Also, Bang Bang is effing awesome.

Toy Story 3: In addition to being super funny, it punched me in the heart at the start and never stopped throughout. Cried like a child. Damn you, Pixar!

Léon (The Professional): If I had not also seen Black Swan this year, I would say it was Natalie Portman's best outing. With bonus Crazy Gary Oldman! (The best kind.)
Inception: I haven't been able to shut up how much I love this flick for all the plotty, heisty reasons and relishing a summer blockbuster that isn't treating the audience like total idiots. So I'll simply say "Joesph Gordon Levitt writhing about in zero gravity in a smart vest".

12 Angry Men: How is a movie about people talking about a murder trial so goddamn engrossing? Exceptionally well written and acted.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: An actual comic book/video game come to life. Bad-ass action, quippy romance and Michael Cera's Cera-ness actually worked in his favor for Scott. The secondary characters, like Kim Pine and Wallace Wells, propelled the movie into my favorites list.
Jaws: Suspenseful piece that's more about a man's middle age crisis than a shark. Flawless.

The Fall: Visual, cinematic porn. Seriously, it's crazy beautiful. Lee Pace needs to get more work, he's incredible in this.

How to Train Your Dragon: Tied with Toy Story 3 for animated film of the year; they keep flip-flopping in order. Beautiful, wonderful character designs and a surprisingly realistic ending (so much that a dragon movie can be realistic).
Waking Sleeping Beauty: Documentary on Disney's animation renaissance in the eighties/nineties. A surprisingly balanced look at an era of regime changes, in-fighting and art.

Black Swan: To call Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis's performances good are vast understatements. Dark, trippy and goddamn intense is more like it.

Images originally nabbed from various poster sites, including this great resource.
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