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*dies laughing* I've only watched a couple sections of it so far, but Harry Potter: The Musical is HILARIOUSLY BRILLIANT. Oh god. They have a tap dancing number led by Voldemort. Seriously. Here's the first part:

Oh my wizard God, I can't wait to finish watching it after work today.
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Discovery Channel's "I Love the World" commercial: It's been out for months, but it makes me sing along every time.

Harry Potter in five seconds: 'Cause it's both hilarious and true. :D

Font Conference: I am a bit of a typography dork, thanks to graphic design classes. Thus, this fills me with geeky joy.

Table read of The Middleman episode 'The Obsolescent Cryogenic Meltdown': I love the behind-the-scenes aspect of these table reads. Hi, special-guest Kevin Sorbo!
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I find myself lacking interesting and/or humorous links for you fine people in my past few posts.

I understand. This makes me sad, too. Therefore, I will attempt to dig through any linkage I've came across recently, yet prevented from reporting.

*From a few weeks ago: Joss Whedon shows up on Warren Ellis's blog and AWESOME occurs. (Scroll down a little bit until their banter starts, or here's some highlights.) Another note for the uninformed: Ellis also has an LJ at [ profile] warren_ellis. Madness, right?

* The Worst-Case Scenario Handbook: Harry Potter. Six shades of greatness.

* If you haven't seen Natalie Portman Raps yet, (to quote Joss Whedon) you're some kind of wrong person. Have it looked into.

* Am currently reading The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman. Hilarious. If you need further proof beyond him reading the 700 Hobo Names aloud on his site (it takes a little over an hour), then check out his guest appearance on The Daily Show which impressed the people there enough that he now is on every now and then as their resident expert.

ETA1: I am contemplating putting on my gloves for when I type, that's how frickin' cold it is in our room. I think I may have to have yet another cup of tea today to warm me up. *huddles under quilt*

ETA2: Whedonesque posted the link for this 'Who Would Win: Buffy vs. Batman' poll, and Mr. Whedon weighs in.


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