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Oh yeah, I vidded again. :)

Video Title: Male Prima Donna
Artist: Male Prima Donna by Subtle Sexuality
Source: Sherlock BBC
Length: 2:17
Summary: Life with Sherlock is difficult, but John can't get enough.

Go directly to YouTube. Download it on SendSpace.*

Or watch under the cut. )
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So, I vidded.

Ever since I've heard "Shake It" by Metro Station, I could not get the image of the boys from Community "krumping" along to the beginning of it. Then I thought of more scenes with dancing that I loved from television shows and before I knew it, there was a music video being constructed in my iMovie. Scary, I know.

Shake It, a multi-fandom dancing video )

I haven't vidded in four years and I realise some of the sources weren't the best, due to how fast I managed to cobble it together. Despite that, I'm happy with how it turned out. Also amazed I still like the song, considering how many times I've now listened to it now.
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For [ profile] picspammy Challenge 20: TV Tropes
Spoilers for Die Hard, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lost, Dollhouse (major ones!), Doctor Who, Heroes, 30 Rock, Avatar the Last Airbender & Gargoyles.

These are some magnificent bastards... )
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Thanks to Hulu, I've found my (end of) summer show: Spaced.

I've finished season series one tonight and it makes me sad to know that there are only seven more episodes left of this glorious show. Words cannot express how much I adore both Daisy and Tim, never mind the rest of the crazy cast.

Alright. Going back for more now. :)

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'Cause in the top eight, only one female remains. Show girl power, troops! Also, Ten can't lose to Dean Winchester.

How am I getting so into this? Pathetic fangirl is pathetically passionate. XD
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(He cannot get out-snarked by Chandler!) That is all.
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When I first met [ profile] crownedrebel four years ago, I recommended the comic book Fables to her. In turn she recommended the miniseries The 10th Kingdom to me, citing the similarities it had with magical creatures turning up in modern day New York City. I was intrigued but never got around to watching it.

Since that time, YouTube was invented (hard to believe it's a mere three years old!) and I've now discovered it myself. I've recently finished both The Middleman and The Sarah Jane Adventures, so I thought I needed a new tv show. Like another hole in my head, right?

Thus far I've watched just the first "episode", as it's posted as, and found myself needing to post about it because I completely adore Wolf. ADORE. He's like a maniac and meat-lusting precursor to Bigby. Who actually does tie up grandmothers and try to cook them. :D

So a belated thanks, Steph!

*goes to eagerly watch more*
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Job front: I have an interview for a graphic design position tomorrow morning, so that is looking positive.

Now onto the interesting point of the post: Bones! I just finished 1x15 and it felt like a good point to stop and post some of my thoughts/amusing quotes I've enjoyed thus far.

Largely from 1x05 'A Boy in a Bush' to 1x15 'Two Bodies in the Lab' )

Even if you hadn't told me, [ profile] katzell, I could have easily been able to tell Hodgins was you favorite. :)

Oh. My god.

Dec. 8th, 2007 11:45 pm
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I actually drew Tin Man fanart. Glitch/Cain, to be precise.

Yeeeah. Someone stop me, please...

So... sweetheart? ) Also posted on DeviantArt.
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* Veronica Mars Thoughts on the season finale, The Bitch Is Back, plus tiny picspam )
* Doctor Who (all Katie's fault)
* Supernatural (am halfway through season 2)
* Ugly Betty
* House (all of season 3)
* Freaks & Geeks (entire series)
* Battlestar Galactia (everything after 1x05)
* That 70s Show (season 4 onward, Katie's fault)
* Avatar the Last Airbender (the whole series, see above)
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I have been watching too much 'Whose Line' as of late. Thus sharing time, Greatest Hits style!

Songs of the Lunch Lady
"The title of the song is... DON'T WANT YOUR MILK!"

Songs of the Western
"What kind of bird always says the name of our next band?"
"I guess.. turn. An artic turn!"

Songs of College
"What comes to mind when I say Ricky Ricardo & great cigars?"
"Oooh… tapioca!"

Off to see RENT with Elise in about an hour. :)


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