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Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it and good tidings nonetheless to everyone else. :)

Have been back to the homestead in Maine since earlier this week for the holidays. Our family has done the gifts and the delicious breakfast part of the morning and I have a few hours free time until I have to help start prep cooking for dinner with my mother. Will likely watch a movie with my sister.

Happy holidays! And mind the icy patch!

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Happy Christmas, to all that celebrate it!

The family and I are off to my aunt and uncle's for dinner soon, so may you all have a marvelous day of peace and prosperity!
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I've been rather busy lately working shifts to cover other people at work, due to the fact that I'm going on vacation next week. I just realized I may have not mentioned it online yet. So yes, next Friday I will be going with [ profile] katzell to ENGLAND. I am horribly excited!

We're going to stay with [ profile] wanderlust_27 in her place in London. She's going to graduate school there and I haven't seen her in over three years, which is crazy, so I am giddy with excitement to see her again. Then the three of us are going to go to Norwich for a few days (Katie knows someone there) and then we are taking the train to Wales for a book festival at Hay-on-Wye. I'm almost expecting that I'll end up mailing some books home.

I've got one day off tomorrow, in which I'm going to visit my sister in Rhode Island. Then working all day shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to cover the mentioned other co-workers who are on vacation now. My motivation until the end of next week will be the ten days of AWESOME.

Can't wait! :D


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