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Title: The World's Greatest Criminal Mind
Fandom: BBC's Sherlock
Song: "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind" by Vincent Price (from Disney's 'The Great Mouse Detective')
Length: 2:53
Warnings: spoilers for season 2
Summary: Celebrating Jim Moriarty and all the mayhem he creates. As well as Andrew Scott's fantastically animated face.

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Title: Waking Up In London
Fandom: BBC's Sherlock
Song: "Waking Up In Vegas" by Katy Perry
Length: 3:16
Warnings: spoilers for the series
Summary: London may as well be Vegas, the way Sherlock and John experience it.

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Oh yeah, I vidded again. :)

Video Title: Male Prima Donna
Artist: Male Prima Donna by Subtle Sexuality
Source: Sherlock BBC
Length: 2:17
Summary: Life with Sherlock is difficult, but John can't get enough.

Go directly to YouTube. Download it on SendSpace.*

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So, I vidded.

Ever since I've heard "Shake It" by Metro Station, I could not get the image of the boys from Community "krumping" along to the beginning of it. Then I thought of more scenes with dancing that I loved from television shows and before I knew it, there was a music video being constructed in my iMovie. Scary, I know.

Shake It, a multi-fandom dancing video )

I haven't vidded in four years and I realise some of the sources weren't the best, due to how fast I managed to cobble it together. Despite that, I'm happy with how it turned out. Also amazed I still like the song, considering how many times I've now listened to it now.
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*dies laughing* I've only watched a couple sections of it so far, but Harry Potter: The Musical is HILARIOUSLY BRILLIANT. Oh god. They have a tap dancing number led by Voldemort. Seriously. Here's the first part:

Oh my wizard God, I can't wait to finish watching it after work today.
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Oh god, this has to be the cutest short film ever. Staring the incredibly adorable TJ Thyne from Bones.

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If you're in need of a female-empowerment pick-me-up and have a spare three minutes, check out this amazing multi-fandom vid. It's fantastic, period.
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Prop 8: The Musical

Jack Black, Alison Janney, John C. Reilly, Andy Richter, Margaret Cho, Sarah Chalke, Neil Patrick Harris and many more. For the WIN.
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Oh DC/Marvel Happy Hour, how is it that you light up my life so very much? ♥
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Busy day, etc. Posting because sometimes you just need a little Paul Rudd in your life. Please to enjoy a minute and a half of Paul Rudd dancing and being generally awesome.

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The Daily Show has been on fire between the DNC last week and the RNC this week. I finally got around to watching Wednesday night's show this morning. I did not think it was possible to love Jon Stewart more, but what he said regarding women's reproductive rights during the Newt Gingrich interview?

Video under the cut. )

THIS. ILU, Jon Stewart.
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Discovery Channel's "I Love the World" commercial: It's been out for months, but it makes me sing along every time.

Harry Potter in five seconds: 'Cause it's both hilarious and true. :D

Font Conference: I am a bit of a typography dork, thanks to graphic design classes. Thus, this fills me with geeky joy.

Table read of The Middleman episode 'The Obsolescent Cryogenic Meltdown': I love the behind-the-scenes aspect of these table reads. Hi, special-guest Kevin Sorbo!
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The first act of Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is now streaming! The video on the offical site (which I linked to) apparently is international but if you're non-US and it's still not working, check here.

Neil Patrick Harris as a supervillian! Nathan Fillion as a superhero!
Singing! Laundromats! Random cowboys! Watch it!
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I have been watching too much 'Whose Line' as of late. Thus sharing time, Greatest Hits style!

Songs of the Lunch Lady
"The title of the song is... DON'T WANT YOUR MILK!"

Songs of the Western
"What kind of bird always says the name of our next band?"
"I guess.. turn. An artic turn!"

Songs of College
"What comes to mind when I say Ricky Ricardo & great cigars?"
"Oooh… tapioca!"

Off to see RENT with Elise in about an hour. :)


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