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Some are meant for jamming and dancing, others to sit around not doing much in the shade.
All have been repeating on my iPod for the past few months.

Click for playlist and ruminations! )
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Yes, I ended up making 125 icons simply because I couldn't find any I really wanted online. Then I made a Yorick fanmix. I need to look up the definition of self-control, I know.

Icons: some spoilers for the end of the series. )

A Fellow of Infinite Jest: The Life & Times of Yorick Brown )
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Last week I had to go into the city on an errand for my sister. After that errand, I took the subway uptown, visited the Met, and wandered the sidewalks along Central Park in the beautiful fall weather. This was my my playlist for meandering the city.

Featuring a hodgepodge of musical selections from Billy Joel and Harry Nilsson to Avenue Q and Newsies.

I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. )
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Yes, I made a Donna fanmix. It's my coping mechanism/alternative to writing fanfic.
Warning: Spoilers up through 4x13: Journey’s End

I don't suppose you've seen a little blue box? )
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In case anyone's interested, I recently made a JLU fanmix.

Warning: This spans the length of the Justice League animated series (original and Unlimited), focusing mainly on the original seven. Plot spoilers within.

What, like a bunch of... super friends? )


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