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Who's got two thumbs and is missing regular Doctor Who episodes this year? )

Well, back to homework for a little while longer tonight.
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At a computer at my aunt's workplace so I could use the internet. Oh internet, how I depend on you. I hope that we'll have access tomorrow so I'll be able to select my story on [ profile] boxofmagic.

Speaking of Big Bangs, [ profile] tardis_bigbang went live yesterday! Lots of Doctor Who related fan fic, art and vids for all! This was the first Big Bang I've ever participated in and was a ton of fun.

I did art for [ profile] blackhemlock's For Captain and Cardiff, a Ianto-centric Torchwood/New Who story. It has some very interesting and fun interactions between Ianto and the Doctor, and the author has a brilliant Ten-voice. (Read the fic first, my artwork is semi-spoilery!)

I also did art for [ profile] the_afterlight's Better Natures: Memory, a story that features a ton of characters from New Who, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures. The author does a great time of letting each character get their own individual moment to shine. I especially loved any time Jack and Donna spend together, hense the art. [ profile] bluejeanius's cover puts my contribution to shame, I must say.

my comment page, for those curious. Now I have a bunch of fic to read, before I have to brush up on drawing the Merlin cast. :D
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I've been super talkative this evening. First talked to [ profile] poor_nizzie for a half hour on The Office and life stuff, then right after my dad called. Talked to him for almost another half hour while he drove back home from working in Connecticut today. So yes, chatty me! :)

To go off on an unrelated tangent, was doing some random icon making this evening.
21 Doctor Who, NCIS and other icons. )
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Yes, I made a Donna fanmix. It's my coping mechanism/alternative to writing fanfic.
Warning: Spoilers up through 4x13: Journey’s End

I don't suppose you've seen a little blue box? )
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Torchwood Babiez: A comic like Muppet Babies, if Muppet Babies was a Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover with enough geeky cuteness to make you need a shot of insulin.



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