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a.k.a. Icons Meghan's Made To Use And Has Been Stockpiling Since Forever, Enjoy!

53 icons of tv shows, animation & celebrities acting goofy within. )

P.S. [ profile] katzell, you'll be happy to know that last week I finally finished Being Human! Took me long enough, I know.
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When you see this meme, post a screencap of your desktop on your journal, etc. etc.

Just like the last time, my background features two lovely boys smiling. This time in medieval getup. :D
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The Merlin Big Bang ([ profile] boxofmagic) went live today!

The site's over here and my contribution is here for [ profile] staraflur's A Long Way to Go Before We Are Truly Divine. It's a great what-if story that was a joy to do artwork for. [ profile] nasssty_slyth also did some lovely artwork for it as well.

So many others have some truly fantastic artwork and stories up, check it out!

*goes to read some before work*
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Work is boring as hell today, so here's some art I scanned but didn't get around to posting yet. And yes, it's all Merlin fanart. I'm addicted to it still. )
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Some Merlin drawings while watching it on NBC last night.

Princes and wizards and handmaidens, oh my! )
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I have committed Merlin fanart! How, months after the finale, this show still consumes my brain I know not.

Prince prat and worst-servant-ever under the cut. )

If I have the time, Gwen and Morgana next. :)
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Oh LJ, I did miss you.

I was going to do a rec-post about how much I love the new BBC show Merlin, but [ profile] sarahtales beat me to it. To summarize: it plays merry hell with the Arthurian legend, but it's so damn charming you can't help but love it. Plus Giles Anthony Head plays Uther and Mystery Sock Santiago Cabrera shows up as Lancelot!

Instead, I'll give a plug for John Hodgman's newest book, More Information Than You Require. It's been making me snort with laughter when I read it during lulls in work when I have to hang out at the register.

Just as he did on his last one, (most of) the introduction that is inside the book is also written on the cover. This one also has some testimonials from Jon Stewart ("An exercise in a certain kind of genius I truly do appreciate"), Ricky Gervais ("Hodgman is funny, clever, and has the face of a giant baby") and Justin Long ("I love this book so much I nearly read it!") among others.

In essence: John Hodgman is funny. He wrote another book. Therefore, buy his book because it will make you laugh. Perhaps even snort.



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