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Happy Christmas, to all that celebrate it!

The family and I are off to my aunt and uncle's for dinner soon, so may you all have a marvelous day of peace and prosperity!
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Celebrated end of paper by drawing up a new journal header. Aaaand now it's almost four in the morning. Why, self?

Check it out! Featuring the efreet from the P.D.A. story that I sometimes babble about and that I quite frankly haven't drawn anything for in ages. 'Twas a nice experiment with my tablet if nothing else.

Now bed before I can't wake up in the morning...
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For our Youth Literacy class, we presented a group project on graphic novels. We worked in "reading circles", in which each person got a job assignment such as leader, connector, illustrator, I got to be the illustrator.

Our group's graphic novel was the first printed volume of Bayou, which is an online comic by Jeremy Love and Patrick Morgan. It's got a strong female protagonist, Lee, living in post-Civil War, pre-civil rights Mississippi. Her white best friend, Lily, gets kidnapped by a monster in the bayou, Cotton-Eyed Joe. Lee's father ends up getting blamed for Lily's disappearance. To save him from lynching, Lee must find Lily with the help of the other swamp monster, the kind Bayou. It deals with race, love and hatred, and Deep South folklore. It's extremely well done and I mean to finish it once school finishes.

Some of the sketches. )

Here's the illustration I did! )
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a.k.a. Icons Meghan's Made To Use And Has Been Stockpiling Since Forever, Enjoy!

53 icons of tv shows, animation & celebrities acting goofy within. )

P.S. [ profile] katzell, you'll be happy to know that last week I finally finished Being Human! Took me long enough, I know.
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Who's got two thumbs and is missing regular Doctor Who episodes this year? )

Well, back to homework for a little while longer tonight.
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UGH! The executive producer says they're shopping the show around, I really hope it finds a home.

Effing Leno screwing up the schedule...
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Some are meant for jamming and dancing, others to sit around not doing much in the shade.
All have been repeating on my iPod for the past few months.

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When you see this meme, post a screencap of your desktop on your journal, etc. etc.

Just like the last time, my background features two lovely boys smiling. This time in medieval getup. :D
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The Merlin Big Bang ([ profile] boxofmagic) went live today!

The site's over here and my contribution is here for [ profile] staraflur's A Long Way to Go Before We Are Truly Divine. It's a great what-if story that was a joy to do artwork for. [ profile] nasssty_slyth also did some lovely artwork for it as well.

So many others have some truly fantastic artwork and stories up, check it out!

*goes to read some before work*
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Thanks to Hulu, I've found my (end of) summer show: Spaced.

I've finished season series one tonight and it makes me sad to know that there are only seven more episodes left of this glorious show. Words cannot express how much I adore both Daisy and Tim, never mind the rest of the crazy cast.

Alright. Going back for more now. :)

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Work is boring as hell today, so here's some art I scanned but didn't get around to posting yet. And yes, it's all Merlin fanart. I'm addicted to it still. )
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After borrowing the book from [ profile] katzell for almost four years,


P.S. It was great. :)
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Some Merlin drawings while watching it on NBC last night.

Princes and wizards and handmaidens, oh my! )
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*dies laughing* I've only watched a couple sections of it so far, but Harry Potter: The Musical is HILARIOUSLY BRILLIANT. Oh god. They have a tap dancing number led by Voldemort. Seriously. Here's the first part:

Oh my wizard God, I can't wait to finish watching it after work today.
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At a computer at my aunt's workplace so I could use the internet. Oh internet, how I depend on you. I hope that we'll have access tomorrow so I'll be able to select my story on [ profile] boxofmagic.

Speaking of Big Bangs, [ profile] tardis_bigbang went live yesterday! Lots of Doctor Who related fan fic, art and vids for all! This was the first Big Bang I've ever participated in and was a ton of fun.

I did art for [ profile] blackhemlock's For Captain and Cardiff, a Ianto-centric Torchwood/New Who story. It has some very interesting and fun interactions between Ianto and the Doctor, and the author has a brilliant Ten-voice. (Read the fic first, my artwork is semi-spoilery!)

I also did art for [ profile] the_afterlight's Better Natures: Memory, a story that features a ton of characters from New Who, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures. The author does a great time of letting each character get their own individual moment to shine. I especially loved any time Jack and Donna spend together, hense the art. [ profile] bluejeanius's cover puts my contribution to shame, I must say.

my comment page, for those curious. Now I have a bunch of fic to read, before I have to brush up on drawing the Merlin cast. :D
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دنیارابگوییدچطورآنهاانتخاباتمان دزدیده اند
Tell the world how they have stolen our election

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The latest desktop meme making the rounds, because why not?

1. Anyone who looks at this entry please post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal.
2. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper.
3. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.

Check out the GQMFs on my desktop! )
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I've been rather busy lately working shifts to cover other people at work, due to the fact that I'm going on vacation next week. I just realized I may have not mentioned it online yet. So yes, next Friday I will be going with [ profile] katzell to ENGLAND. I am horribly excited!

We're going to stay with [ profile] wanderlust_27 in her place in London. She's going to graduate school there and I haven't seen her in over three years, which is crazy, so I am giddy with excitement to see her again. Then the three of us are going to go to Norwich for a few days (Katie knows someone there) and then we are taking the train to Wales for a book festival at Hay-on-Wye. I'm almost expecting that I'll end up mailing some books home.

I've got one day off tomorrow, in which I'm going to visit my sister in Rhode Island. Then working all day shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to cover the mentioned other co-workers who are on vacation now. My motivation until the end of next week will be the ten days of AWESOME.

Can't wait! :D


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